• GEL Construction 3 in 1

GEL Construction 3 in 1

GEL Construction 3 in 1

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The use of the resin of shrubs and minerals makes it have good flexibility, quick drying, good permissibility, it is not easy to fall or break.

1. Extension: Used when you need to lengthen your nails, to compensate for missing the length of the nail, it is used in

2. Reinforcement: Thickens and hardens the surface of the nails, protects the color, reinforces the persistence of the nail varnish, avoiding damages to the surface of the nails.

3. Diamond Bonding: Used to adhere imitation diamonds, nail surface attachments and etc., always firm, non-yellowing or bleaching.

The transparent color is used in: nail extension, reinforcement, adhesion of diamonds and base gradient.

The pink is used in: nail extension, reinforcement, gradient base, solid color the combined colors.

The white color is used in nail extension, reinforcement, gradient base and French manicure.

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